NEXMAP attends the planning of Europe's new large scale facilities

Three new large scale facilities are about to emerge on the European scene: The MAX-IV synchrotron in Lund, the European Spallation Source (ESS) also in Lund, Sweden and the European Xray Free Electron Laser (E-XFEL) in Hamburg, Germany.


NEXMAP takes an active role in the planning and use of these facilities, through the following projects:

  • Neutron instrumentation for the European Spallation Source design update phase is a collaboration project involving strong neutron scattering groups at four Danish Universities (DTU as Danish coordinator, KU, AU and SDU). The projects aims at contributing novel concepts and instruments for ESS within 5 areas. Click here for more information
  • The Danish ESS Instrument Simulation effort is a collaboration project involving the neutron scattering- and simulation groups at KU and DTU. Together, we participate in the design update of the future European Spallation Source (ESS), more specifically instrument simulations in McStas as part of a general optimisation of accellerator, target, moderators and neutron scattering instruments. Click here for more information
  • In collaboration with DTU Nutech, DTU Physics works to Integrate the McStas and MCNPX computer codes, aiming to allow more sophisticated simulations of neutron moderators and guide systems. Specifically, the coherent scattering possibilities in McStas are combinded with the high-energy neutron transport capabilities of MCNPX. The hope is that this strong software combination will let the ESS design novel neutron moderators as well as optimize use of shielding along the beamlines. Click here for more information
  • In collaboration with the Interim ESS Data Management and Software Center (ESS DMSC) at University of Copenhagen, DTU Physics works to Integrate functionality of the McStas simulation code with the Mantid Data-Reduction and Analysis framework. Click here for more information
  • Instrumentation for the European X-ray Free Electron laser. DTU and the Danish Company JJ-X-ray are working together to design, produce, deliver, install and commission the beamline components for the Scientific Instrument FXE in close collaboration with the European XFEL in Hamburg. The project is financed by DASTI as an in kind contribution as part of the Danish membership of the European XFEL. Click here for more information
  • NEXMAP leads the regional project ESS og MAX-IV som vaekstmotorer i hovedstadsregionen, which aims at facilitating the industrial use of the new facilities. As part of the project, a demonstrator imaging centre is currently being established at DTU. Click here for more information ( and Click here for more information (
  • Recently a Memorandom of Understanding was signed between DTU and MAX-IV, outlining areas of common interest, including imaging, diffraction, instrument simulation and data analysis. It is envisioned that several new projects with MAX-IV will start during the next years.


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DTU Physics
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