Courses in the FLUIDS section

In the section we offer the following courses, all correspond to a workload of 5 ECTS points 

Basic courses
10345 Introduction to Complex Systems and Chaos
10347 Introduction to Biophysics 

Advanced courses
10336 Fundamental Problems in Fluid Dynamics
10346 Continuum Physics
10351 Cellular biophysics
10353 Project in biophysics and complex systems 
10355 Molecular Biophysics: Protein, Structure and Dynamics
10356 Single Molecule - and Nanoscale Spectroscopy
10357 Topics in Biophysics and Complex Systems

Project in Biophysics and Complex Systems (10353)

Course description in the DTU student handbook Coordinator: Anders Andersen, Department of Physics, Building 309, Room 260, Phone 45 25 33 12, E-mail: aanders@fysik.dtu.dk

Supervisors and suggestions for projects

  • Anders Andersen (Instabilities and structures in physical and biological fluid flows)
    Vortex waves and instabilities of intense vortex flows with a free surface
    Drag-thrust transition for a flapping aerofoil with applications to animal locomotion