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Our goal is to mature fusion towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source. The section is the entry point in Denmark to the European fusion programme. It holds the Danish expertise in fusion and plasma physics. We actively contribute to the international fusion effort, specifically to the exploitation of the large scale fusion research infrastructure, such as the JET and ASDEX Upgrade tokamaks and the supercomputer centre IFERC.


Our activities directly contribute to the realisation of the ITER experimental fusion device. ITERs goal is to demonstrate net energy production by fusion reactions. ITER is presently being constructed in Cadarache, France.

In our research we particularly focus on studies of:

  • Transport and turbulence
  • Dynamics of energetic ions

in magnetically confined fusion plasmas. To this effect we develop large scale numeric codes to simulate plasma turbulence behaviour in the edge region of fusion devices. This is important to optimise and control the plasma behaviour and plasma power exhaust.

In operating fusion plasmas energetic ions are expected to dominate the plasma behaviour in the central region of the fusion device. For the experimental characterisation of energetic ions we develop and operate the collective Thomson scattering measurement systems.
Both items are high priority research areas on the way towards a working fusion power plant.


We contribute to the education of physicists and engineers by offering courses in plasma physics and fusion energy. Read more about our projects and courses here.


Volker Naulin
DTU Physics
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