Alexander from ENEA visits again PPFE

Monday 13 Aug 18

Alexander V. Milovanov from ENEA at Centro Ricerche Frascati, Italy visits PPFE for 5 weeks  to collaborate with the turbulence group on topics involving avalanche-zonal flow interaction in fusion plasma within the framework of the Enabling Research project "Advancing diagnostics intelligence: How can we localize "non-local" transport and improve the energy confinement using meso-scale self-organization of instabilities" (EUROfusion reference WP17-ER/ENEA-10). Particularly, the work will extend the investigations presented in Milovanov and Rasmussen “Lévy flights on a comb and the plasma staircase”, Physical Review E (2018) 98, 022208, (DOI) in addition to preparing a new project for EUROfusion Enabling Research.