Matthias Wiesenberger awarded Oersted Cofund action postdoc

Thursday 22 Jun 17


Matthias Wiesenberger
DTU Physics
+45 93 51 35 41

Magnetic reconnection is a fascinating phenomenon appearing in solar flares or in the magnetosphere of Earth. It is characterized by a transfer of magnetic energy to kinetic energy of plasma particles in a short time scale. Due to its direct impact on the dynamics of the ionosphere and subsequently also on e.g. communication satellites there is a large body of research dedicated to this phenomenon. What I plan to do in this project is to bring together experienced scientists from theoretical plasma physics, numerical analysis, high performance computing and mathematics in order to answer the following open question: How exactly is magnetic energy converted to the kinetic energy of electrons and ions and in what channel(s) does the energy flow take place?
23 OCTOBER 2018