Birgitte Madsen wins Best Poster Award at 54th Culham Summer School

Friday 29 Sep 17


Birgitte Madsen
PhD student
DTU Physics

PhD student Birgitte Madsen from the Section for Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy has won the Best Poster Award at the 54th Culham Plasma Physics Summer School  that took place on 17 - 28 July 2017. This traditional annual summer school near Oxford on site of the world’s largest tokamak JET has been training generations of PhD students in plasma physics and fusion energy.

Birgitte presented her MSc work on the electromagnetic field signatures at the diamagnetic cavity of comet 67P observed by instruments onboard ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft. In her PhD, Birgitte develops velocity-space tomography to reveal new physics of energetic ions in fusion plasmas. She studies energetic ion populations heating the fusion plasmas in the tokamaks JET, ASDEX Upgrade (Munich) and EAST (Hefei, China).
23 OCTOBER 2018