Seminar: Materials Discovery with Metal-Organic Frameworks

Seminar by Assistant Professor Kasper S. Pedersen

Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) constitute a new family of porous designer-materials where metal ion nodes are connected by organic spacer molecules (ligands) in three dimensions to form a rigid framework with large, open pores. The combination of both inorganic and organic building blocks results in virtually endless possibilities for material properties tuning and a structural diversity that surpasses all other materials.

Furthermore, the fundamental chemical design principles of MOFs allow for additional properties which are not attainable in traditional types of crystalline porous materials.

In this talk, I will:

1 introduce MOFs and discuss their future perspectives, including the challenges that MOFs face for applications,

2 present our strategies to develop MOFs with unconventional properties.

A particular emphasis is placed on new chemical directions to develop MOFs, and related metal-organic 2D materials, that are magnetic and/or electrically conductive. The introduction of such properties may open up possibilities for MOF applications in, for instance, sensors and electrocatalysts.


tir 30 apr 19
10:00 - 11:00


DTU Lyngby
Bygning 311