Tobias Gehring. Photografer Joachim Rode.
23 FEB

First quantum-safe data transfer in the Nordic region

Researchers secure an important win in the race against cybercriminals by using quantum communication to securely transfer data at Danske Bank.

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics
Graphene christmas trees. Illustration: Jie Ji.
22 DEC

World’s thinnest Christmas tree created at DTU

A Christmas tree with a thickness of one atom is made at DTU. It shows how terahertz measurements can be used to ensure the quality of graphene. 

Materials Physics Electrotechnology Electronics Micro and nanotechnology Sensors Semiconductors
Photo: Lisbeth Holten
16 SEP

Professor intends to see green chemical processes

A new electron microscope can provide greater insight into individual nanoparticles in a catalyst used for, e.g., Power-to-X processes.

Dorte Danielsen and Lene Gammelgaard in the lab. Photo: DTU Physics.
13 SEP

Quantum materials cut closer than ever

A new method designs nanomaterials with less than 10-nanometer precision. It could pave the way for faster, more energy-efficient electronics. 

Micro and nanotechnology Materials Semiconductors Physics Electronics
Photo: Mikal Schlosser
03 SEP

Denmark gets its own unique 3D imaging centre

Armed with northern Europe’s biggest imaging centre, Denmark now plays a central role in the growing use of X-ray and neutron imaging.

Physics Energy Information technology Construction and mechanics Wind energy
19 AUG

Groundbreaking visualization of atomic movements

Novel method for imaging vibrations and movements of atoms in catalysts is developed by a collaboration of internationally leading researchers.

10 JUL

DTU researchers tighten grip on quantum computer

In a new groundbreaking work, researchers from DTU have now realized the complete platform for an optical quantum computer. The platform is universal and scalable, it all...

Physics Information technology
07 JUN

International team wins prestigious Royal Society prize

A collaboration of scientists from around the world, including Ib Chorkendorff from DTU, have been named the winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Environment...

Physics Chemistry
Bax Lindhardt
04 JUN

What’s going on with nuclear power?

The press is full of articles about nuclear power. Several European countries are planning new nuclear power plants. Has nuclear power become trendy? And will it come to...

Quantum theory and atomic physics
03 JUN

DTU heads new Danish fusion collaboration

In a new DANfusion consortium DTU is joined by three other Danish universities to strengthen Danish fusion energy research.

Physics Energy

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