PhD programme at DTU Physics

DTU Physics offers the following courses as part of the PhD Programme:

Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
10501 Modern Physics 7.5 E5A, F5A
10506 Journal club on nanostructures and reactivity 5 E4B, F4B
10507 Surface Physics and Catalysis 10 F3
10508 Electronic structure journal club 5 E1B, F1B
10509 Journal club on atomic structures and dynamics studied by electron beams 5 E4B, F4B
10512 Journal club in Quantum Optics 7.5 E1B, F1B
10514 Summer School Complex Motion in Fluids 2.5 OutsideSchedule
10515 FLUIDS Journal Club 5 E5B, F5B
10520 Journal club on plasma physics and fusion energy 5 E4B, F4B
10521 Physics and technology of two-dimensional materials 10 F2A, F2B
10530 SURFCAT Summer School: The Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals 2.5 August
10540 CAMD Summer School on Electronic Structure Theory and Materials Design 2.5 August
10550 QuantumDTU Winter School on Quantum Technology 5 E
10590 Illustration of scientific content 2.5 E3A
10867 Methods in electron microscopy and spectroscopy 5 OutsideSchedule
10868 Methods in micro- and nanofabrication 5 OutsideSchedule
47511 CINEMAX: 3D modelling and imaging of material microstructure - PhD summer school 5 OutsideSchedule