Michael Løiten Magnussen

Research at DTU Physics

Our research is in the field of modern physics, especially within four main areas: sustainable energy, materials, quantum technology and biophysics. Our focus is both to gain greater knowledge about basic scientific problems and to conduct research focused on usage in the public and companies. Research at DTU Physics is divided into 9 sections. In addition, we have a PhD school with approx. 100 students.

Neutron and X-rays for Materials Physics

Neutron and X-rays for materials physics (NEXMAP) – We are researching the structure and dynamics of materials using large scale facilities for neutrons and x-radiation. Together with advanced modeling and analysis methods, this opens unique possibilities for establishing links between the structure, dynamics and functioning of materials.

About 100 students form the PhD school at DTU Physics. As a PhD student you work in one of DTU Physics nine research sections.



DTU Physics has a wide range of advanced research facilities. We also have access to world-class external research facilities.