Nanoteket is a teaching laboratory at DTU Physics where you can learn about one of the hottest research fields: Nanotechnology. The teaching lab is both for high school students and DTU-students. Read more about the teaching lab (in danish).

Nanotechnology may also be denoted as the science of things that are really small.  The term Nano means one in a billion (10 to the power -9), and Nanotechnology means that you are dealing with things that have a size of about a nanometer.  Formally, Nanotechnology is defined as dealing with functional structures on a scale between 0.1 and 100 nanometer.  This definition implies that we ourselves consist of Nanotechnology, since many of the functional parts in living cells are of nanometer size.

There are many activities related to nanotechnology at DTU. You can read more about this on the NanoDTU homepage.