Electronic Properties of Materials

Our group is interested in low dimensional materials and surfaces. We strive to gain deeper insights into surface phenomena, and to use this knowledge to create functional materials with useful applications

Currently, we have two main research lines, one about silicene - a 2D allotrope of silicon - and the other one about germanium-based layered materials. 

Concerning the former, we aim at growing silicene on non-metallic (and non-interacting) substrates in ultra-high-vacuum and studying its electronic properties. For this project we rely on our closed-cycle SPM Infinity system from Sigma Surface Science (add link: https://www.sigma-surface-science.com/spm/infinity/). It has scanning tunneling microscopy and non-contact atomic force microscopy capability and works at a base temperature of 10 K. The system is equipped with a standard preparation chamber (ion sputter gun, heating stage, four-pocket e-beam evaporator, leak valves) with possibility of LEED/Auger spectroscopy.

Regarding the Ge-based layered materials, we are interesting in investigating the effect of the structural anisotropy on the charge transport properties of these materials. For this project, we rely on the facilities provided by the NanoLab department at the Technical University of Denmark.


Luca Camilli
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