Integrated quantum sensing

Integrating state-of-the-art optical quantum technologies into nanometer-sized structures with the purpose of performing Quantum Sensing.


Integrated photonic structures seems a viable path for miniaturizing and commercializing established bulk optical technologies, while Quantum Sensing is a very important part of Quantum Metrology for estimating or sensing optical system parameters with a precision limited only by quantum noise. Combining these two approaches promises future technologies that are extremely compact, of ultra-high precision and relies on proven optical technologies.

A well-established component in Quantum Optics is the squeezed light source. It often finds applications within Quantum Communication, Quantum Information, and Quantum Metrology, as a resource of quantum correlations for the direct quantum enhancement of existing protocols. Integration of such a squeezed light source would signal the onset of integrated optical quantum technologies ready for commercialization.

Our research

We are designing, manufacturing and characterizing such integrated structures for the purpose of running them in the quantum regime. The design involves building detailed models of the structures and simulating their optical properties, the manufacturing is centered around carrying out complex processes inside highly specialized clean room facilities, while the characterization is focused on getting light into and analyzing the output of such small structures.


Our team

  • Timur Iskhakov 
  • Ulrich Busk Hoff 
  • (formerly) Bo Melholt Nielsen
  • Ulrik Lund Andersen