About DTU Physics

The Department of Physics is focusing on physics areas of fundamental interests and with clear application and innovation potentials. It is our ambition to perform research and to offer education at a high international level, thereby contributing to the DTU strategy about being a leading technical university. 

DTU Physics has the main responsibility for the Physics and Nanotechnology educations and for the Introductory Physics course for the majority of DTU’s students. It is our goal to maintain the high professional level and the high influx of highly qualified candidates to our Physics and Nanotechnology educations, and to develop the Introductory course to ensure that the students obtain a useful and solid scientific foundation for their further studies at DTU.

Furthermore, our aim is to continue the development of exciting and challenging exercises in “Nanoteket” for the benefit of DTU students, upper secondary schools (gymnasium) and to undertaking outreach aimed at industry and other interested parties of society.

All tasks are approached with Responsibility, Innovation, and Pride. In the Department, we continuously strive to maintain an appreciative and positive atmosphere which contributes to making DTU Physics an attractive work place. 

The Department is organized into nine research sections and is world leading within our research fields. Two of our sections, within Large Scale Facilities, are using facilities in Hamburg, Munich, Zürich, Grenoble, Cadarache and Stanford.