About DTU Physics

DTU Physics is a modern department with an emphasis on strong professionalism. We want to be elitist in physics and we demand a lot of our employees and students.

We focus on research, teaching and innovation in areas with fundamental challenges and application potentials. We cover areas such as surface physics, materials science, computer-based material calculations, fluid dynamics, biophysics, plasma physics and quantum physics, and we encourage collaboration between the areas.

Applications range from sustainable energy and the materials of the future to quantum technology.

Teaching and Nanoteket

We teach at bachelor's, master's and PhD level. Our teaching is both for students with a special interest in physics and for all engineering students on the introductory physics course. 

DTU Physics has the main responsibility for the Physics and Nanotechnology programs and for the introductory course in physics (Physics 1), which is taken by the majority of all DTU students.

We aim at maintaining the high professional level and the high admission of highly qualified students to our Physics and Nanotechnology educations and to develop the introductory course to ensure that all students gain a useful and solid scientific basic knowledge for their further education at DTU.

In our experimental student facility, Nanoteket, exercises in physics and nanotechnology are developed for the benefit of students at DTU, high school / HTX and interested companies.

Research and facilities

The Department is organized into nine research sections and is world leading within our research fields. We have a large number of experimental setups, our own facilities and several of our sections use large-scale research facilities in e.g. Lund, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Grenoble, Cadarache and Stanford.

All tasks are approached with Responsibility, Innovation, and Pride. At the Department, we continuously strive to maintain an appreciative and positive atmosphere which contributes to making DTU Physics an attractive work place.