Inaugural lecture by Professor Peter Vesborg

Solar-fuel catalyst benchmarking - nanoscale measurements for kilometer scale implementation


Peter C. K. Vesborg is newly appointed Professor in Experimental Physics of Catalysis at DTU. He graduated as an engineer in 2006 and received his PhD in Physics in 2010. Following a postdoc at Stanford University he joined the faculty at DTU physics in 2012 where his research focus has been heterogeneous catalysis. Besides studying and developing thermal- electro- and photo-catalysts,

Peter has also maintained a strong focus on developing new and innovative methods for catalyst characterization such e.g. MEMS-based microreactors and electrochemical “sniffer”-devices. Very recently, in an ERC-starting grant project, a graphene-based cavity reactor design is being developed, which has the potential to increase chemical sensitivity by several orders of magnitude over the state of the art.

In parallel, Peter has had active entrepreneurship eff orts resulting in three start-up companies in very diverse areas.

Peter was awarded the Reinholdt W. Jorck og Hustrus prize in 2017 and the H.C. Ørsted prize in 2018.

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Fri 14 Jun 19


DTU Fysik


DTU Lyngby
Building 101
Room S01