Cancelled due to the Corona situation: Talk: Microvawe dielectric resonator antennas for NV centers in diamond

Cancelled due to the Corona situation


Talk by Polina Kapitanova

 Department of Physics and Engeneering , ITMO University
Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The development of sensors based on NV-centers is promising for observation of brain activity, high-precision monitoring of temperature and detecting small changes in amplitude of magnetic field of Earth. Current investigations in the field address modern applied physics problems across multiple disciplines, namely optics and microwaves. The main "microwave" challenge is to provide efficient, uniform and coherent spin manipulation of NV centers in diamond over a large volume. Here the development of a circularly polarized microwave antenna based on the excitation of hybrid electromagnetic modes in a high-permittivity dielectric resonator is descried. The influence of the geometrical parameters of the antenna on the reflection coefficient and magnetic field magnitude is studied numerically and discussed. The Rabi frequencies and their inhomogeneity over the volume of a commercially available diamond sample are calculated. With respect to the numerical predictions, a Rabi frequency as high as 34 MHz with an inhomogeneity of 4% over a 1.2 mm x Ø2.5 mm volume can be achieved for 10 W of input power at room temperature. A prototype of the antenna is fabricated, and an experimental investigation of the antenna characteristics is performed in microwave and optical domains. The near perfect circular polarization of the microwave magnetic field is demonstrated. The Rabi oscillation frequency and its inhomogeneity are measured, and the results demonstrate good agreement with the numerically predicted results.



Thu 19 Mar 20


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