Randomness generation with continuous variables based on quantum steering

Talk by Marie A. Ioannou

 University of Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland


A quantum protocol to generate random numbers with continuous variables is presented. The protocol is based on a so-called quantum steering scenario, which is bipartite. In this scenario, we do not characterize the measurements of the first party (Alice), while we assume that the second party (Bob) has perfect control over his measurements. Hence, the setting is a one-sided device-independent scenario. In our particular protocol, aiming to generate quantum random numbers, Alice and Bob share a two-mode squeezed vacuum state. Alice performs mutually unbiased measurements on her part of the state to generate randomness locally, and Bob characterizes the set of states prepared on his sides by Alice's measurements (a so-called assemblage). This will allow us to quantify the randomness. The randomness is quantified by the probability that a third party (Eve) can guess Alice’s outcome and is computed via semi-definite programming. 





Mon 02 Mar 20


DTU Fysik


DTU Physics
Building 311
1st floor / Lounge