Analyzing which sources the energy in the grid should come from is complex - especially as a larger part comes from wind and sun which has a more unpredictable output. To Energinet, a quantum computer would be able to handle complicated calculations that a classic computer can't do. Photo: Energinet/Maria Tuxen Hedegaard
23 JUN

Danish companies are staying quantum ready

Although it may take decades before the quantum computer becomes widespread, it is important for many companies and organizations to stay on top of things already now...

Ulrich Busk Hoff is a researcher at DTU Physics. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
30 MAY

Why is there so much hype about the quantum computer?

Quantum technology is about much more than the quantum computer, so why is it getting all the attention? How far are the other quantum technologies? And what do we really...

Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTU, shows the latest version of a quantum mechanical randomness generator, which must be reduced in chip size in order to be included in the electronics of mobile phones. Photo: Bax Lindhardt
22 MAY

Quantum technology for mobile phone encryption is coming

DTU spin-out company develops quantum mechanical random number generator that must be reduced to chip size to be included in the electronics in mobile phones.

20 APR

Scalable quantum technologies on optical cluster states

Quantum computers are developing at a pace faster than deemed possible just a decade ago, but scalability remains an issue. DTU Physics leads new EU Horizon Europe effort...

Kickoff of QCI.DK with visit in DTU's laboratory for quantum technology. From left: Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTUPhysics, Morten Bødskov, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and Head of Department Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen, DTU Physics
28 MAR

Quantum-proof network to be established between Danish ministries

A number of government ministries and universities are establishing a quantum-encrypted communication network to prepare Danish society for the quantum-proof communication...

27 FEB

An interdisciplinary collaboration hopes to revolutionise X-ray in 3D

Revolutionary x-ray sources and collaboration across disciplines will create the possibility of seeing 3D structures in the body's cells and characterizing tissue samples...

05 JAN

DTU researchers have cut the world’s smallest Christmas record

Just in time for Christmas, a world record is achieved at DTU. Researchers have cut a Rocking Around the Christmas Tree snippet onto a 40-micrometre-wide record.

02 JAN

Important Milestone for Fusion Energy

Two of Denmark's leading experts in fusion energy comment on startling American research results.

24 NOV

Jacob Hastrup wins PhD Thesis of the Year

The prize for PhD thesis of the year was awarded to Jacob Hastrup for his thesis at DTU Physics.

01 NOV

Three VILLUM Experiment grants for innovative research

Following an anonymous selection process, the 3 researchers are among 51 researchers this year to receive grants from VILLUM Experiment to test their brave, risk-taking...

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