The second law of thermodynamics behind graphic novel

Wednesday 07 Sep 22


Ulrich Busk Hoff
Senior Adviser
DTU Physics
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Graphic novel, by among others Ulrich Hoff from DTU Physics, is based on the second law of thermodynamics, which says disorder is a basic condition in our lives, and it only gets worse if we try to fix it.

The graphic novel "The Sea" has just hit the streets, and it is the latest result of the collaboration between artist and writer Jan Egesborg and Ulrich Hoff from QPIT at DTU Physics.

Over the past 5 years, together they have explored the intersection between art and natural science and aimed to merge the two very different disciplines into new literary formats. This has resulted in a series of adventurous children's books and now three graphic novels.

"By translating condensed natural science into recognizable narratives, we strive to make abstract knowledge more accessible and give the reader a direct experience of the concepts and phenomena that physics deals with", says Ulrich Hoff.

"The Sea" takes its scientific starting point from the second theorem of thermodynamics and projects its recognition of disorder as a basic condition onto a recognizable family drama and our urge, as humans, to always try to sort and organize ourselves out of our problems.

"It is clear that the connection between physics and the story is analogical and not one-to-one. It is necessary to cut corners here and there in order to make the interaction between the creative process and the natural sciences flow. It is an absolutely central part of our collaboration that art and natural science are included equally, and without anyone having the right of veto", explains Ulrich Hoff.

The unconventional collaboration has previously aroused curiosity and interest, and "The Sea" has already found its way into the national media. Most recently in Go' morgen Danmark on TV2, as well as in the news on the same channel.

This underlines the project's potential for creating a platform to reach out widely with messages about basic natural science, which only rarely get a place in the media.

Watch feature about "Havet" from Nyhederne on TV2 (Starts at 19:17)

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