Mirko Salewski and Yiqiu Dong receive Villum Synergy Grant

Monday 24 Oct 22


Mirko Salewski
DTU Physics
+45 23 66 84 44
Associate Professor Mirko Salewski, DTU Physics and Yiqiu Dong, DTU Compute, receive Villum Synergy Grant for the project Tomography of Alpha Particles in Fusion Plasma (TAPP).

The project’s overall focus is within sustainable energy. The awarded Villum Synergy Grant will be used to investigate energetic particles in fusion plasmas, and Yiqiu Dong and Mirko Salewski want to develop diagnostic techniques to measure energetic particles in fusion devices.

The goal of the project is to exploit and further develop the novel tomographic reconstruction methods to explain new physics of the energetic alpha particles originating from fusion reactions, by using comprehensive data from the large-scale plasma experiment Joint European Torus (JET) near Oxford through velocity-space tomography.

The project received DKK 2.890.866 from the Villum Foundation.

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