Large NERD-grant for research in plasma physics

Friday 23 Sep 22


Stefan Kragh Nielsen
Associate Professor
DTU Physics
+45 46 77 45 34
Associate Professor Stefan Kragh Nielsen awarded a NERD grant of DKK 14 million for research into hydrogen plasma.

The NERD grant is to investigate hydrogen plasmas as a potential source of terahertz radiation.  Associate Professor Stefan Kragh Nielsen has been awarded DKK 14 Millions to do so.

The plan is to make use of newly found properties of plasmas to mature laboratory plasma cells for the conversion of cheap microwave radiation into terahertz radiation. 

For this purpose, he will construct an experimental facility DTU, which will create dedicated plasmas for radiation conversion, and computer simulations will be performed to improve the design.

“If this project is successful, it could have applications in many technological fields, such as health tech, communication, and fusion energy”, Stefan Kragh Nielsen explains.

About the NERD Programme

The purpose of the NERD programme is to support original basic research within the natural and technical sciences, including but not limited to physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. The application must describe how the outcome of the project may have potential future applications in the health sciences, life sciences or sustainability.

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