12 JAN

DTU enters wide-ranging CCUS partnership

DTU is joining forces with 18 stakeholders to implement a roadmap for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

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Bestyrelsesformand Jens Kann-Rasmussen og fem af bevillingsmodtagerne: Marie Brøns (DTU), Rocio Rodriguez Cano (AAU), Christina Lynggaard (KU), Laura Stidsholt (AU), Jette Katja Mathiesen (DTU). Foto: VILLUM FONDEN.
14 OCT

Two female researchers receive Villum Postdoc grants

Villum International Postdoc has just been awarded to six female researchers, including Marie Brøns and Jette Katja Mathiesen from DTU.

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Photo: Mikal Schlosser
03 SEP

Denmark gets its own unique 3D imaging centre

Armed with northern Europe’s biggest imaging centre, Denmark now plays a central role in the growing use of X-ray and neutron imaging.

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03 JUN

DTU heads new Danish fusion collaboration

In a new DANfusion consortium DTU is joined by three other Danish universities to strengthen Danish fusion energy research.

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Foto: ITER
02 MAR


With one million components and ten million parts, ITER is a mega-sized construction. The tokamak itself weighs 23,000 tonnes. Discover more amazing facts about ITER...

Foto: EUROfusion
02 MAR

Fusion energy's biggest challenges

What are the biggest challenges that must be overcome before we can utilize fusion for energy production? Professor Volker Naulin, who is head of the plasma physics and...

Foto : ITER
02 MAR

ITER - The world's largest Fusion experiment

Denmark is one of 35 countries working together to build the world’s largest fusion reactor between Nice and Marseille in the South of France. The plant could be a turning...

Foto: Joachim Rode
02 MAR

Tokamak in Lyngby puts Denmark on the fusion map

With a tokamak on campus, DTU can contribute to the realization of fusion energy, and, not least, educate the next generation of fusion scientists.

Foto: Bax Lindhardt
02 MAR

"My generation may be the first to utilize fusion energy"

27-year-old Birgitte Madsen’s PhD research brings her to the experimental tokamaks in China, the United States, and England. She is optimistic about fusion energy.

Foto: Bo Amstrup
02 MAR

Small business develops self-cleaning mirrors for ITER

A company from Northern Jutland in Denmark with 25 employees provides solutions to be used in ITER’s fusion reactor.

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