Photo: Joachim Rode
13 APR

Grant running into millions for research into ultrathin materials

One of the world’s leading researchers in 2D materials has just received a Villum Investigator Grant of DKK 30 million to continue his work with developing new materials...

Illustration: Benny Box
26 FEB

DTU is building for a sustainable future

DTU is investing just under half a billion kroner in a new building dedicated to research aimed at climate change mitigation: Climate Challenge Laboratory. The building...

Peeking into the quantum random number generator developed at DTU Physics reveals a lot of seemingly ordinary optics and electronics. But together, the components form a high-speed and ultra-secure source of true randomness, enabled by quantum physics.
28 JAN

High-speed quantum random number generator secure against quantum attacks

At first glance, random numbers may seem trivial to produce and utterly useless. Not an easy sell. Isn’t it just a matter of flipping a coin? Not quite!

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Information technology
Foto: DTU
09 DEC

Three ERC Consolidator Grants to DTU researchers

DTU researchers receive three out of nine Danish Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council.

08 DEC

Finn Foton makes a quantum jump to the Japanese market

The first book in the series of Finn Foton has made it to the Japanese market with support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark through the Export sparring...

Jens Kehlet Nørskov. Det, vi skal gøre for at få grønne, flydende brændstoffer. Dynamo nr. 61.
03 DEC

What is needed for green liquid fuels

In order to achieve a fossil-free production of fuels and chemicals, catalysis methods that convert the sun's energy into chemical processes must be made more efficient...

E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels
30 NOV

E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels

The aircraft, ships, and lorries of the future must be powered by e-fuels—fuels produced partly from captured CO2—and partly from hydrogen produced by the splitting of...

27 NOV

Large investment into Danish quantum cryptography

New innovation consortium sets out to secure Danish share of a rapidly growing technology market by developing next generation’s ultra-secure cryptographic systems rooted...

DFF Sapere Aude_Tobias Gehring_DTU Physics
20 NOV

Novel quantum key distribution technology for secure data transmission

Data from critical national infrastructures should be impossible to decrypt. Quantum key distribution offers a way to establish secure communication channels and improve...

Physics Electrotechnology Information technology Mathematics
Jacob Mencke at one of Team Danmark’s ball machines.  Photographer: Andreas Top Adler, performance engineer, Team Danmark
26 OCT

Second-year student behind article in scientific journal

A special course on spinning balls, a technique which is used in many sports, sparked a string of experiments and calculations which have just been published in the American...


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