Full Staff list

Below is a list of all employees at the Department of Physics, sorted in alphabetical order by last name. Use the left side menu to make a search within a specific group of employees. 

Name Title Building and room Ph. E-mail
Tim  Booth Tim BoothAssociate ProfessorBld. 309, room 243+45 45 25 68 88tibo@dtu.dk
Andrea  Valentini Andrea ValentiniPhD studentBld. 309, room 150anvalen@fysik.dtu.dk
Natasha Chama Aaskoven Natasha Chama AaskovenHjælpelærernchaa@dtu.dk
Mustafa Aboulsaad Mustafa AboulsaadPhD studentBld. 307, room 042musab@dtu.dk
Stefan Kei Akazawa Stefan Kei AkazawaPhD studentBld. 307, room 006stak@dtu.dk
Hjalte Rørbech Ambjørner Hjalte Rørbech AmbjørnerPostdocBld. 307, room 062hjar@fysik.dtu.dk
Stefano Americo Stefano AmericoPhD studentBld. 309, room 209steame@dtu.dk
Nicolai Lindaa Amin Nicolai Lindaa AminStudentermedhjælpernliam@dtu.dk
Megha Anand Megha AnandPostdocBld. 312A, room 001+45 52 61 65 46manand@fysik.dtu.dk
Christian L. Andersen Christian L. AndersenFine mechanic ApprenticeBld. 309, room 022+45 45 25 33 00cluan@fysik.dtu.dk