Full Staff list

Below is a list of all employees at the Department of Physics, sorted in alphabetical order by last name. Use the left side menu to make a search within a specific group of employees. 

Name Title Building and room Ph. E-mail
Suzanne Zamany Andersen Suzanne Zamany AndersenPostdocBld. 307, room 044suzan@fysik.dtu.dk
Rayssa Bruzaca de Andrade Rayssa Bruzaca de AndradePostdocBld. 307, room 259+45 91 85 67 40rabda@fysik.dtu.dk
Pavao Andricevic Pavao AndricevicPostdocBld. 201, room S41proan@dtu.dk
Sarah Wernblad Anker Sarah Wernblad AnkerLaboratory technicianBld. 309, room 248+45 45 25 58 48saank@dtu.dk
Tummas Napoleon Arge Tummas Napoleon ArgePhD studentBld. 307, room 259tnaar@dtu.dk
Freja Fink Arnbjerg-Nielsen Freja Fink Arnbjerg-NielsenStudentermedhjælperffiar@dtu.dk
Sif Fink Arnbjerg-Nielsen Sif Fink Arnbjerg-NielsenPhD studentBld. 309, room 119siff@dtu.dk
Christian Olaf Bachmann Christian Olaf BachmannPostdocBld. 309, room 145cobach@fysik.dtu.dk
Alexander Bagger Alexander BaggerAssistant ProfessorBld. 312A, room 007alexbag@dtu.dk
Sina Baier-Stegmaier Sina Baier-StegmaierResearch EngineerBld. 310, room 038sbaier@fysik.dtu.dk