Full Staff list

Below is a list of all employees at the Department of Physics, sorted in alphabetical order by last name. Use the left side menu to make a search within a specific group of employees. 

Name Title Building and room Ph. E-mail
Sina Baier-Stegmaier Sina Baier-StegmaierResearch EngineerBld. 310, room 038sbaier@fysik.dtu.dk
Jessica Fernandoy Bak Jessica Fernandoy BakResearch ManagerBld. 307, room 232jefepe@dtu.dk
Frederik Harly Baumgarten Frederik Harly BaumgartenPhD studentBld. 201, room S07+45 46 77 46 09fhaba@dtu.dk
Kirstine Johanne Berg-Munch Kirstine Johanne Berg-MunchHjælpelærerkjobe@dtu.dk
André Ørbæk Bertelsen André Ørbæk BertelsenAkademisk medarbejderBld. 309, room 223abobe@dtu.dk
Emanuel Rudolf Billeter Emanuel Rudolf BilleterPostdocBld. 312, room 191embil@dtu.dk
Matthew Dominic Biviano Matthew Dominic BivianoPostdocBld. 309, room 120mdobi@dtu.dk
Anders Jannik Ehlers Bjerrum Anders Jannik Ehlers BjerrumPhD studentBld. 307, room 244ajebje@dtu.dk
Anton Simon Bjørnlund Anton Simon BjørnlundPhD studentBld. 307, room 006asibjo@dtu.dk
Daniela Ramos Blanco Daniela Ramos BlancoPhD studentBld. 307, room 140drabl@dtu.dk