Summer courses DTU Physics

As part of DTU Summer University, DTU Physics is offering 5-ECTS summer courses in research immersion at bachelor and masters in the 3-weeks periods in June, July and August

Summer courses in June - BSc and MSc

Summer courses in July - BSc and MSc

Summer courses in August BSc and MSc

Procedure for signing up for the summer courses at DTU Physics

If you are interested contact a potential main supervisor directly, either with your own project proposals or with project proposals chosen from the list at the DTU Physics Project database under "Specialization course". 

Find all Summer Projects at DTU Physics in the Project database here

When an agreement has been made, you must upload a project information document in DTU Learn under the assignments section.

The document should contain the following fields: 

  1. Name and study number of the student
  2. Project title
  3. Name and email addresses of main supervisor and co-supervisor
  4. Date for handing in project report
  5. Date for presenting work for research group


At the end of the course, a report describing the obtained results is handed in to the main supervisor. You present the report for the research group in the form of an oral presentation approximately 20 minutes long. The main supervisor decides together with the co-supervisor if the course is passed or not, and sends the result to the course responsible, who in turns informs the student office about the result.

Main goal

The main goal of the summer courses is to give students the possibility to conduct an independent experimental or theoretical research project at bachelor or masters level, where the result is not known in advance. The research projects are conducted in collaboration with one of the research groups at DTU Physics with the group leader as the main supervisor and typically a PhD student as co-supervisor.


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Associate Professor
DTU Nanolab
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