Multi-scale materials physics

Most materials and minerals have hierarchical structures, ranging from grains over domains to atomic scale defects. We have developed a hard x-ray microscope at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble that allows to zoom into thick samples and make 3D movies of the local structure on all these scales.

Within an ERC Advanced Grant this instrumental advance is used to visualize the selforganisation of dislcoations during plastic deformation of metals. These movies are interfaced to 3D multi-scale materials modelling, to provide a physics based understanding of mechanical properties such as strength. 

The vision of 3D multiscale materials science is underlying the center of excellence, SOLID,
Where methods find applications within a braod range of disciplines including battery and solar cell research, martesitic transformations, ferroelectrics, glasses, biomineralization and archeology.  SOLID is strongly engaged wih the construction of the Danish beamline DanMAX at MAX IV in Lund.


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