X-ray imaging and industrial collaboration

We collaborate intimately with industry and researchers. We use excellent in-house facilities for imaging application but we also assist in the local development of new instruments and methods.

Our current activities

Our on-going activities and collaborations are:

  • The Industry Portal – Center to assist industries in using imaging in product development
  • CIL2018 – A collaboration to develop the next generation of checked-in luggage screening
  • LINX – A social partnership that helps industries harvest the maximum benefit from ESS and MAXIV
  • Phasemapper3D – International collaboration to obtain 3D information from single shot acquisitions

Take advantage of our in-house facilities

We use and maintain a laboratory of x-ray instruments. The instruments are easily accessible for industry, research and student projects. Below is just a subset of the available instrument pool which is continuously being expanded and upgraded. Work with us in these

3D 3D 3D
Micro CT Custom EDXRD setup Liquid Target X-ray Source

Student Projects

See the projects we are looking for students to carry out in the project database (requires login):

  • Look into a beverage package
  • Simulating Signatures of Explosives in Security Applications
  • X-ray detectors for meat analysis
  • Novel energy-resolving detectors for X-ray scattering
  • 3D data optimization for airport security


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