Jacob Hastrup wins PhD Thesis of the Year - DTU Physics

The prize for PhD thesis of the year was awarded to Jacob Hastrup for his thesis at DTU Physics.

Jacob Hastrup's thesis at DTU Physics and the section QPIT has significantly developed the field of quantum computing and quantum communication.

Jacob Hastrup won the prize for the thesis: 'Continuous-variable quantum codes for fault-tolerant quantum information processing', which revolves around a complex and very hot topic with a significant impact on society. For example, Jacob Hastrup has also pursued patent protection of his research.

In his speech, Philip J. Binning described Jacob Hastrup as an inventive and dedicated physicist with a flair for devising new ideas, with strong analytical skills and as hardworking and diligent.

His recommenders describe him as a true role model for all new PhD students. Since Jacob Hastrup finished his PhD studies, he has for a short period been employed as a postdoc at DTU Physics, but now works for the University of Copenhagen.