Use of excellent equipment is a necessity to support the ongoing research and teaching and to obtain results that will push forward the research front. The Department of Physics accommodates a number of facilities such as a unique collection of vacuum equipment, a cluster source, our supercomputer Niflheim, low-noise laser sources, non-linear optical systems and quantum detectors. 
External research facilities 
For some of our research activities, external x-ray, neutron, and fusion facilities are used. Access to these facilities are granted through a scientific assessment of the potential impact and new insight the proposed experiment will give rise to.

Design of instruments for external facilities 
A number of DTU Physics' researchers furthermore contribute to instruments on these external facilities. An advanced instrument for the XFEL facility in Hamburg is for example being designed by some of our researchers. Read more in the announcement of the contract here (in danish). Another DTU Physics group, the CTS group, has developed a preliminary design for a CTS diagnostic system for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). This work laid the foundation for the inclusion of a CTS diagnostic system in the ITER Baseline Design.

Student lab 
Our teaching facility called Nanoteket comprises equipment for physics exercises of relevance to DTU students and high school students. More information is available in Danish in the left menu.