The section NANOMADE is a Department of Physics, at the Technical University of Denmark.

The NANOMADE section combines expertise in the synthesis and handling of nanomaterials, the fabrication of nanoscale devices, and theorists employing a wide palette of analytical and numerical techniques to provide better understanding of and control over the fundamental properties of matter – and in this way produce higher performance, lower power technological solutions for the emerging challenges of society.

The close collaboration between theorists and experimentalists provides fertile ground for new ideas to flourish, and a sound basis for understanding new effects in condensed matter. We work closely with experimental colleagues at DTU Nanolab and their state of the art facilities, including the cleanroom facility and electron nanoscopy center, and with theoretical colleagues at Aalborg University. A great deal of support for the activities of the section is provided by the Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence for Nanostructured Graphene, which has already been successful in the ambitious goal of demonstrating the lithographic tailoring of graphene bandstructure [ref].

The section is largely based in building 309, where the foundation stone for the DTU Lyngby campus was laid. We enjoy purpose-designed and newly renovated laboratories completed in the summer of 2020 hosting a wide variety of facilities, including

CVD synthesis of graphene, hBN and multiple TMDCs in dedicated furnaces
A state-of-the-art glove box system from Moorfield Nanotechnology UK, integrating thermal and sputter deposition of metals,  along with proprietary ‘soft etch’ technology and lithographic resist spinning.
A full suite of optical microscopes from Nikon and Olympus and a Thermofisher DXRxi Raman spectrometer
And Oxford Instruments Teslatron PT closed-loop cryostat capable of achieving 12 T and 1.5K for measurements of the quantum properties of our systems, along with multiple measurement stations capable
of measuring from liquid nitrogen temperatures up to 200 °C.
Custom built solutions for the assembly by hand of atomically precise van der Waals heterostructures
A roll to roll transfer system capable of transferring 1m wide rolls of single atom thick graphene onto arbitrary substrates (patent under preparation)
The group expires structure-property relationships in electroactice materials using novel  charaterization and analysis methods. 
Expertise in optical microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy for characterization of nanoscale optical materials, such as plasmonic metals, high-refractive-index dielectrics and metasurfaces.
Chemical storage and handling facilities for the optimum safety of our colleagues and co-workers.