Research at NANOMADE

Information about some of our research groups in Nanomade

 2D Electronic Materials - We explore the unique properties of low-dimensional materials and how these can be engineered towards novel types of devices and technology.
  (Professor Peter Bøggild)
 Applied 2D Materials - Correlation of structure with properties at the finest scales. New atomic scale patterning strategies and fabrication techniques enabled by 2D materials.
  (Associate Professor Tim Booth)
 Functional Materials - Electromechanical interactions, in particular how residual strains created by defects such as vacancies, dislocations, inclusions and grain boundaries.
   (Associate Professor Hugh Simons)
 Theoretical Nanoelectronics - Focused on theory and computer simulation of transport properties of Nano-scale devices “under working conditions” – i.e. out of equilibrium.
   (Professor Mads Brandbyge)
 In 2D InnovateWe focus on addressing commercial challenges in climate tech applications using large-scale 2D materials   
  (Researcher Abhay Shivayogimath)
 Theory of light-matter interaction in quantum materials - Strong interaction of a material with light can be exploited to alter the material properties altogether, in and out-of-equilibrium.
  (Associate Professor Simone Latini) 
 Applied Nano-optics - We focus on controlling and manipulating light using novel optical nanomaterials, such as metals, semiconductors, and two-dimensional materials.
  (Associate Professor Søren Raza)
 - Theoretical Nanotechnology - The Theoretical Nanotechnology group works on quantum phenomena in nanostructures based on modern two-dimensional systems.
   (Emeritus Antti-Pekka Jauho)