Research at NANOMADE

Here you can find information about some of our research groups

Theoretical Nanotechnology
The Theoretical Nanotechnology group works on quantum phenomena in nanostructures based on modern two-dimensional systems. Key words are nonequilibrium and interactions.

2D Electronic Materials
In 2DEM we explore the unique properties of low-dimensional materials and how these can be engineered towards novel types of devices and technology, mainly within electronic and optoelectronic application areas.

Applied 2D Materials
Correlation of structure with properties at the finest scales. New atomic scale patterning strategies and fabrication techniques enabled by 2D materials.

Functional Materials
Electromechanical interactions, in particular how residual strains created by defects such as vacancies, dislocations, inclusions and grain boundaries can locally augment polar ordering and electronic structure.

Theoretical Nanoelectronics
The Theoretical Nanoelestronics group is focused on theory and computer simulation of transport properties of nano-scale devices “under working conditions” – i.e. out of equilibrium.

Applied Nano-optics
In the Applied Nano-optics group, we focus on controlling and manipulating light using novel optical nanomaterials, such as metals, semiconductors, and two-dimensional materials.