Applied 2D Materials

At the Applied 2D Materials group, we leverage the competencies we have developed in the isolation, growth and characterisation of 2D materials to produce new systems for a wide variety of potential electronic, optical, energy and biomedical applications with previously impossible functionalities and performance. To achieve these goals we collaborate closely with colleagues in the Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence for Nanostructured Graphene, the Department of Physics, the DTU Nanolab Electron Nanoscopy and Fabrication facilities.

Scientific motivations:

Correlation of structure with properties at the finest scales
New atomic scale patterning strategies and fabrication techniques enabled by 2D materials
Synthesis and assembly of novel 2D materials and heterostructures
Open science, the maker movement and the democratization of scientific apparatus

BSc and MSc projects:

A wide and constantly changing range of projects is available - you are always welcome to contact me at to discuss the possibilities. 

PhD and Postdoc Careers:

Open PhD and postdoc positions are advertised on the DTU Physics careers page


Tim Booth
Associate Professor
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 68 88