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2D Innovate, we focus on addressing commercial challenges

At 2D Innovate, we are interested in research at the interface between industry and academia, translating fundamental insights on 2D materials and heterostructures into applications that address industry challenges within climate change, health, internet of things, and electronics. Some of our present focus areas as:

Large-scale fabrication and transfer of graphene and 2D materials: developing strategies for growing, transferring, and handling 2D materials that are economical, reproducible, and most importantly scalable.

Atomically thin membranes: developing large-scale selective permeation membranes from 2D materials, with specific applications in water filtration, gas separations (e.g. - CO2 capture), fuel cells, flow batteries, and Li/Na batteries. 

Barrier and Antifouling coatings: developing atomically thin barrier and antifouling coatings for applications in H2 storage, batteries, water filtration, corrosion protection, and solar cells.

Thin-film, flexible electronics: developing large-scale, thin-film, flexible and low-cost flexible electronic devices for ubiquitous IoT sensors, triboelectric power generation, THz- and optical applications. 

We are always looking for ambitious and talented students to work on these focus areas; available projects can be found either on Nanomade website, the project database, or by emailing


Abhay Shivayogimath
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 66 28