Student Projects


Nanoscale Materials and Devices

The NANOMADE - Nanoscale Materials and Devices - focus on advanced materials (i.e. molecular, 2D and ferroelectric), their properties and how these can be engineered and tailored to new functionality and applications, within materials science, solid-state and quantum physics, nanofabrication and photonics/metamaterials.

 - Detection of magnetic field by extraordinary magnetoresistance sensor 
  (Postdoc Bowen Zhou)
 - Electrokinetically-actuated 2D biosensors for water pollutants 
  (Postdoc Matias Vázquez Piñón)
 - Electron transport in molecular 2D networks 
  (Professor Mads Brandbyge)
 - Ferroelectric Nanoconfined Water 
  (Postdoc Thiago Alonso Sousa)
 - Realization of tunable strong coupling from cavity enhanced light matter 
  (Lektor Søren Raza)
 - THz-induceret interlags-tunnellering i 2D devices 
  (Professor Mads Brandbyge)
 - Twist angel dependent interfacial charge transfers in der Waals Heterostructures

  (Postdoc Manh-Ha Doan)