Neutrons and X-rays for Materials Physics


The research at NEXMAP uses the world’s leading X-ray and neutron facilities to go beyond what can be achieved in an ordinary laboratory and provide next-level insights in correlations between materials properties and their structure, composition and processing as well as guide and validate theoretical predictions and materials models.

As a national competence center for the use of the world's leading X-ray and neutron facilities, we:

  • leverage the potential of large scale facilities for materials physics,
  • are strongly involved in their governance and in defining their science cases
  • create novel characterization methods through science driven development of instruments and simulations
  • drive innovation, and foster industrial collaborations and spin-outs.


Martin Meedom Nielsen
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 32 26


Hanne Sørensen
Project coordinator, NEXMAP
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 27 46