PhD projects

Projects supervised/co-supervised by NEXMAP staff: 

Current projects:

  • Tim Brandt van Driel: X-ray studies of dynamical effects in liquids and at interfaces (Martin Meedom Nielsen)
  • Jacob Larsen: Interplay of structure, magnetism and functionality in high-temperature superconductors and CoCl2 salts (Niels Bech Christensen)
  • Kasper Skov Kjær: Structural dynamics at ionic liquid/electrode interfaces (Martin Meedom Nielsen)
  • Yun Gu: X-ray structural investigations of organic thin films (Martin Meedom Nielsen)
  • Tobias Harlang: Structural dynamics in photocatalytic model systems (Martin Meedom Nielsen)
  • Marta Majkut : Multi-scale mapping of strain mechanisms in lead-free piezoceramics (Jette Oddershede)

Completed projects:

  • Rasmus Toft-Petersen: Magnetic properties of the lithium orthophosphates and the study of the Bragg glass phase properties of vortex matter (Niels Hessel Andersen)
  • Morten Christensen: X-ray structure of excited state bi- and poly-nuclear metal complexes in liquid solution (Martin Meedom Nielsen)
  • Henrik Lemke: Structural dynamics in organic semiconductors (Martin Meedom Nielsen)
  • Ulf Lorenz: Theory and modeling of ultrafast X-ray imaging and dynamical non-equilibrium systems (Martin Meedom Nielsen)