The PhD programme at DTU Physics

Modern physics, significant basic scientific challenges and application perspectives are the focus of our innovative research environment. About 100 students comprise the PhD school at DTU Physics. Approximately half are international.

The organization of the PhD schools at DTU differs from the other Danish universities in that it is the institutes that are themselves PhD schools.

The PhD programme takes 3 years to complete and is specifically designed to train researchers to an international level which will allow them to interact with the international research community. 

As a PhD student, you must complete an independent scientific project that results in a written dissertation and a public defense of your PhD project. 

Through guidance you learn how to research

The PhD program is a learning process where, as a PhD student, you learn to research through supervision. You and your supervisor work together in a team to achieve the best research in the field.

The PhD programme consists of:

  • an independent scientific project
  • an education course corresponding to 30 ECTS points
  • a teaching and communication course corresponding to approx. 3 months.
  • an external study stay
  • a dissertation
  • a public defense

Ph.d. Elisa Biasin, DTU Fysik


Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Physics
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