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25 MAR

First plasma in DTU tokamak

First plasma was acheived in the DTU tokamak in late March 2019.

18 OCT

Ninth Sino-Danish Autumn School on Fusion Plasma Physics and Technology

The 9 th  Sino-Danish Autumn School was held at Shexian Hotel in the town of Shexian in Anhui Province, China, from 15 th  to 17 nd  October, 2018 – see the attached program...

27 SEP

450 high school students hear about fusion research

The  Danish national science festival  takes place every year in week 39. Like in the previous years, high school students could hear about the ideas behind and the status...

06 AUG

DTU PPFE wins a large contract with Fusion for Energy

The contract will run until mid 2020, when the final design of the CTS diagnostic system for the world's largest fusion experiment ITER must be completed.  "This is a...