Northern Lights

ITPA Energetic Particle Group under the Northern Lights

Monday 29 Apr 19


Mirko Salewski
Associate Professor
DTU Physics
+45 23 66 84 44

The ITPA Topical Group for Energetic Particles held its 22nd meeting on the polar circle in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Finland. Deputy Chair Mirko Salewski and Birgitte Madsen from PPFE attended the meeting and the vivid discussions energetic particles in fusion plasmas. The discussions continued late into the night when small groups of physicists with individuals from Europe, the US, Russia, Japan, China, and South Korea hiked through the dark forests in search for auroras. Many sightings of the plasma phenomenom caused by energetic particles were reported.

ITPA EP group

Group photo of the meeting attendees of the ITPA Energetic Particles Topical Group plus a prominent local member of the Santa Claus team