Turbulence and Transport

The turbulence group at PPFE is developing and applying analytical and numerical models to analyze experimental data from the plasma boundary of magnetic fusion devices. This includes variants of the HESEL code for edge plasma modelling and the FELTOR code for two- and three-dimensional fluid simulations of magnetized plasmas.

Our simulations are run on supercomputers such as MARCONI100, and the codes are applied to data from the major EUROfusion tokamaks JET, ASDEX-U, and TCV, as well the Chinese tokamak EAST. One of the fundamental questions the models have answered is the origin of the anomalous transport of energy and particles that limits the lifetime of a fusion plasma.

Impressions from a 3D simulation of a tokamak plasma using our FELTOR code.

nHESEL simulations of a plasma showing the evolution of a plasma blob at the plasma edge of a tokamak without (top) and with (bottom) the influence of neutral particles.


Anders Henry Nielsen
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DTU Physics
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