Workshop on Continuous Variable Quantum Information Processing 2012 (CVQIP'12)

The 9th International Workshop on Continuous Variable Quantum Information Processing was held in April 2012 at Frederiksdal.


 Sponsored by SAOT

 Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Technologies


From April 27 to 30, 2012, Frederiksdal, near Copenhagen, Denmark 

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Welcome to the 9th International Workshop Continuous Variable Quantum Information Processing (CVQIP’12). The workshop will take place at Sinatur Hotel Frederiksdal in the beautiful surroundings of Frederiksdal close to the city of Copenhagen.  

Continuous variable quantum information processing is an exciting field that during the last few years has experienced a rapid and fruitful development in different directions. This meeting will provide a glimpse of the most recent developments. It will include a large diversity of different physical systems ranging from photonic and atomic systems to optomechanical and superconducting systems. The meeting will encourage discussions and hopefully spark new and exciting ideas.

CVQIP’12 is organized by the quantum optics and quantum information group at DTU Physics ( and co-organized by the centre of quantum information and communication at Universite Libre de Bruxelles (