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Foto: Jesper Scheel
11 OCT

Computer-generated designs may help researchers see quantum effects at large scales

In a recent article in Nature Communications, researchers from DTU Physics and DTU Mechanical Engineering report on a novel route towards micromechanical resonators that...

CryptQ at Infosecurity 2021
29 SEP

CryptQ at Infosecurity Denmark 2021

On September 29, CryptQ participated in the Infosecurity Denmark 2021 fair in Copenhagen.

Quantum theory and atomic physics Lasers Optics Systems and data security
Picture of new PhDs
01 SEP

Four new PhD students

We are proud and happy to welcome four new PhD students this month: Benjamin, Daniel, Mathias and Tummas.

01 SEP

Danish Quantum Community formally established

Danish Quantum Community has now been established as an independent association with the purpose of supporting quantum technology in Denmark. DTU is among the founding...

Continuous-variable quantum key distribution (QKD) utilizes an ensemble of coherent states of light to distribute secret encryption keys between two parties in the presence of an eavesdropper (Left). The effect of reconciliation efficiency on the asymptotic secure key rate between distant parties. We proposed some MET-LDPC codes with low FER and high efficiency $\beta$ to obtain a maximum possible secure key rate (Right)
29 JUN

Multiedge-type low-density parity-check codes for continuous-variable quantum...

Error correction is one of the most important and difficult tasks when generating secret keys with the quantum key distribution. In collaboration with researchers from...