Dino recieves Inno-explorer grant

Dino Nikolic receives an inno-explorer grant

Saturday 15 Feb 20


Dino Solar Nikolic
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 32 64


Ulrik Lund Andersen
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 33 06
Dino Nikolic receives inno-explorer grant from the Innovation Foundation Denmark to explore a new type of quantum random number generator.

The InnoExplorer project started on February 15th, it runs for 1 year and is worth 1.5 million DKK in total.
The project aims to deliver a novel and secure high-rate quantum random number generator prototype.
The most important applications of random numbers are related to cyber security in computer systems and networks.
Rhe vast majority of today’s random number generators are theoretically unable to create true randomness. Hackers exploit theses drawbacks to compromise today’s cybersecurity.
This situation gets worse with the emergence of quantum computers, as the current security protocols will be completely broken employing this new technology.
Breaking these protocols would have catastrophic consequence on economy, privacy and national security.
We have developed a solution that contribute to solving this problem by employing quantum physics, as randomness produced like this is truly random regardless of computational power hackers have access to.
The novel optical design promises unprecedented speed and security of random number production.