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450 high school students hear about fusion research

Thursday 27 Sep 18


Søren Bang Korsholm
Senior Researcher
DTU Physics
+45 20 64 55 61

The Danish national science festival takes place every year in week 39. Like in the previous years, high school students could hear about the ideas behind and the status of fusion energy research. On Monday and Tuesday, Senior scientist Søren Bang Korsholm visited Egedal Gymnasium (Stenløse) and Rosborg Gymnasium (Vejle) and gave in total 3 popular lectures for 450 high school students.

At Rosborg Gymnasium, all of the 1st year students (400 in total) followed Søren’s presentation during two talks.

“The 1st year students are about to choose which study lines to follow for the rest of high school, so I hope that I may have inspired more students to consider Physics/Math as their major topics”. Søren tells that he himself got inspired to study and work in the field of fusion science after hearing a similar talk about 30 years ago.

“As scientists, I think we have an obligation to try to engage the public – not the least the young generation – in science in general and our own field of fusion energy in particular. At the same time, I feel that it is rewarding to communicate about my scientific field and get feedback and interested questions from the – hopefully – next generation of scientists.” 

The lectures comprise of an introduction to the reason for doing energy research, i.e. supply and climate crisis, followed by potentials in fusion power, how to make a fusion reactor, the history and status of fusion research, and an outlook to ITER and beyond. The lecture also touched upon the specific research areas of PPFE, and concludes by encouraging the students to come and study physics and fusion at DTU.