Earlier group photos

Our group has grown considerably over the years. Here are group photos dating back to 2010. Some of them are animated - hover your mouse or tap your finger to reveal these.

QPIT 2019 Marienlyst

June 2019
Back row from left: Frederik, Mikkel, Jørn, Angelo, Iyad, Olivier, Jim, Joost, Luca, Dennis, Jens, Shuro, Renato, Nitin, Christian, Ulrich, Alex, Rayssa, Tobias, Iman, Jacob, Dino, Hou-Man, Iyad, Maxime, Juanita
Front row from left: Rasmus, Ulrik, Kirstine, Jonatan, Mathias, Tine, Josh, Jonas, Casper

QPIT group photo 2017

December 2017
From left: Jonas, Aleksander, Siva, Ilya, Arne, Sepehr, Joost, Mikkel, Dino, Louise, Tine, Alex, Kristian, Olivier, Rasmus, Christian, Ulrik, Tobias, Dennis, Shuro, Jan, Mads, Casper, Nitin, Xueshi, Hossein

QPIT May 2016 QPIT May 2016

May 2016
From top: Clemens, Ilya, Timur, Xueshi, Mads, Alex, Ulrik, Jonas, Christian, Jørn, Alex, Ulrich, Kristian, Sepehr, Haitham, Adam, Tobias

QPIT 2016 circle

May 2016
Clockwise from 12 o'clock: Christian, Ulrich, Sepehr, Ilya, Jonas, Jørn, Kristian, Clemens, Adam, Mads, Timur, Alex, Xueshi, Ulrik, Haitham, Tobias, Alex

QPIT May 2016

May 2016
From left: Adam, Jonas, Christian, Alex, Ulrich, Mads, Alex, Ulrik, Sepehr, Kristian, Tobias, Jørn, Haitham, Clemens, Ilya, Timur, Xueshi

QPIT June 2014 Wiggling QPIT

June 2014
From left: Adriano, Ruben, Christian, Hugo, Ulrik, Kristian, Haitham, Alex,
Christoph, Tobias, Ulrich, Jonas, Clemens, Hao.  Sitting: Jørn, Niels

QPIT 2012

November 2012
Lars, Michael, Hugo, Ulrik, Niels, Alexander, Ulrich,
Adriano, Amine, Bo, Jonas

QPIT 2011 Jumping group photo

November 2011
Mario, Christian, Glen, Niels, Jonas, Ulrich, Anders, Amine, Michael, Alex, Lars, Bo, Ying-Wei, Ulrik.

QPIT August 2010

August 2010
Hugo, Ulrik, Anders, Mario, Mikael, Shailesh, Lars, Amine, Alexander, Ruifang.