Radiation Physics

The aim of the Radiation Physics Division is to:

  • carry out fundamental and applied research in luminescence physics, dosimetry and neutronics
  • develop instruments in support of radiation physics research and applications world-wide
  • provide continuing education for professionals in research, hospitals and industry
  • offer calibration services and scientific advice in radiation dosimetry and radiation processing 

Section Leader

Bent Lauritzen
Head of Section
DTU Physics
+45 46 77 49 06

The Neutronics group aims at contributing to the design, operation, and safety of nuclear fission and fusion reactors and neutron spallation or other accelerator driven neutron sources. Of particular interest is


The Radiation Instruments group offers instruments for radiation dosimetry, in particular the Risø TL/OSL Reader. Low-level beta multi-counter systems are also
produced and sold.