Risø Gamma Spectrometry System


The Risø scintillation gamma spectrometry system is intended for routine analysis of natural radionuclide activity concentrations for use in dosimetry calculations in luminescence age determination.

The system includes detector, dedicated analytical software and calibration standards.

 Risø Gamma Spectrometry System

This simple scintillator-based spectrometry system is a useful laboratory method for accurate and precise determination of burial dose rates at a significantly lower cost than high resolution gamma spectrometry. This, combined with the large (and so more representative) sample size, makes it a strong competitor to other analytical methods used in OSL dating.


  • 3”×3” NaI(Tl) detector with digital MCA, resolution (FWHM) 6.3% at 661 keV (137Cs)
  • USB 2.0 connection to PC with Windows 7 or Windows 10 installed
  • External dimension including lead shield: Width: 752 mm, Depth: 508 mm, Height: 620 mm.
  • Plastic detector holder to support the detector in the lead shield
  • 8 pieces of foam to fill the cavity in the lead shield around detector to minimize the disturbance to the measurement from changing of radon level in the lab
  • Risø gamma spectrum acquisition software and DoseRateAnalyzer software
  • Aluminium sample cup casting mould
  • Sample weight: min. 50 g, typical 200-300 g, max. 350 g.
  • Calibration standards
    • 3 40K standard cups
    • 3 238U standard cups
    • 3 232Th standard cups
    • 1 KUTh mixture as spectrum correction standard
    • 1 background cup used during calibration
    • 1 pure wax background cup used during sample measurement