How to manage multiple users of a single Risø software installation.

Sometimes you want to separate the settings and data of multiple users of the same Risø Reader PC. Then there are two kinds of accounts you need to consider: the Windows login and the username selected in the Sequence Editor and Analyst programs.

Multiple Windows logins

If you want to use multiple Windows accounts, you need to make sure that you select to install for “Anyone who uses this computer (all users)” in the InstallShield Wizard.

The account you use for login to Windows does not affect the Sequence Editor. All its settings are stored in the C:\ProgramData folder (on Windows 7 and later) which is shared among all the Windows accounts on your PC.

The Windows login does matter for Analyst because it stores its settings in the C:\Users\<login>\AppData folder which is different for each login.

Multiple users for the Risø software

When you start the Sequence Editor and Analyst programs, you are prompted for a username. This allows these programs to store personalised settings for each user. One of the primary settings for both of these programs is the default folder for BIN files. In the Sequence Editor there is a dialogbox to specify the Data Path:

Analyst do not have a User Options dialog, it simply remembers the last location a BIN file was opened from for each username.

Windows XP file locations

In Windows 7 the default locations for program data were changed. On old PCs running Windows XP you can find the Sequence Editor settings files here:

and the Analyst settings (for the Administrator Windows login) here:


The Windows login you use to run the Sequence Editor program needs to have access to the configuration files located in the C:\ProgramData\Risoe\ folder. Normally, the first indication you get, if this is not the case, is when you try to create a new Sequence Editor user profile in this dialog

followed by this confirmation dialog

and get an error message like this


Now check the permissions on the C:\ProgramData\Risoe\ folder. Be aware that the C:\ProgramData\ folder is hidden by default.

Right click the Risoe folder and select Properties in the popup menu. Select the Security tab to display these settings

More than likely your Windows login belongs to a group that does not have permissions to Modify or Write the folder, like the Users group here.

Now there are at least two ways to fix the issue. The first option is to login to Windows as an Administrator and add the Modify and Write Permissions to the relevant group, here Users. 

The other option is to add the Windows user account to a group that has the necessary permissions. Open the User Accounts Control Panel, select the User and press the Properties button.

In the Group Membership pane select the Administrator option or a custom group in the Other option.